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Why Coming Soon Plugins are the Best for Under Construction Pages?

Are you planning to launch your WP site? Want to divert most of the traffic to your new website before the launch date? It is possible by using coming soon plugin on the WP site. With this approach, you can work on your website as per the preferences and let the visitors know about your business or blogging site. It depends on your budget and needs whether you go with the free version or pro version of coming soon plugin.

You might think about how effective it would be to pre-promote your new site. Needless to say, it offers you extra benefits of reaching your goal of online presence. Some of the features that make these pages outstanding that include social buttons. It means that you can drop the link of your social accounts to make the visitors aware of everything and connect with the like-minded people. In some plugins, you will get the feature of email subscription box. For a membership site, it is the best way to grow the business before its launch.

Coming Soon Plugins

Interestingly, these pages are mobile-friendly such that any user can visit your under construction site and become responsive using any gadget. If you have a concern about the design and theme of the WordPress plugins, you must know these essential features that make coming soon page unique-

  • You can easily customize the look and feel to make it appealing
  • You can add HTML tags to describe your website and the services
  • It is possible to update the font color, font size and font style
  • You can design the coming page in your own style by customizing CSS field
  • Adding newsletter subscription is also possible

Suppose you go with the choice of pro version of plugins; the possibilities will be increased to a great extent. You will get at least 400,000 images to choose from and set it for the page. You also get the feature of drag and drop elements to make it more appealing and attractive. The best thing is that you can also add countdown timer. With its use, you get the opportunity to make the visitors aware of the actual launch date and time.

Some website owners want to add logo, characters and use personalized pictures. By using the coming soon page, you can represent your brand well before its actual launch.

In case you want to do the maintenance of your WP site after a specific period of its launch. You have to reset WordPress and use these plugins with a message. You just need to make them aware of your background activities such that you can get back the traffic once your site becomes ready to use. With this kind of thing, you can also test a number of themes and new plugins for your WP site confidently.

According to the experts, coming soon plugin is developed by the developers for the developers to make the site more appealing. So, don’t miss the opportunity and reach the targeted audience in today’s style.