Pushing the Boundaries of Website Design

Boundaries of Website Design

Website design is a fantastic industry for the creative professional. Many people who enter the field are individuals with a desire to experiment and constantly create something new and different. Luckily, web design allows for both artistic and functional experimentation to deliver a product that is both useful and aesthetic. All of this experimentation leads to new trends in website design on a regular basis.

Boundaries of Website Design

Basis for New Trends

The world of web design is always changing. These trends that rise and fade actually stem from the very close relationship between modern technology and the art of web design. As with other technology driven industries, web designers and software engineers create better technology, tools, and processes on a daily basis. This leads to improved and expanded capabilities for web designers all around the world.

On the other hand, the most popular services and tools in website design in Los Angeles are driven by changes in user habits. A lot of innovation in this field actually comes from the desire to better serve a specific user habit. For example, in recent years, the use of mobile devices has turned the world of web design upside down.

Almost everyone searches and reads websites on their smartphone. This means that for every traditional website, there also needs to be a mobile-friendly version. Of course, laptops and desktop computers remain essential in workplaces, and for this reason, a website cannot rely on a mobile design alone; both types of layout and functionality are necessary.

Moving Towards Images

Websites are a huge source of information; whether it is about a company, an individual, a film, or an art exhibit, people visit websites to learn the what, how, and where of these people, places, things, and events. The attainability of information has always been a dominant feature of web design, but the visual experience is starting to overcome the need for easily accessible data.

The old cliché that a picture is worth a thousand words is finally coming home to roost in website design. This makes the need for a stunning and captivating assortment of visual images extremely important. Even law firms and accounting companies should consider replacing their subpar, stock photo with something more interesting and engaging.

Card Layouts and Multiple Images

As the trend towards better and more plentiful images continues, this has driven more websites to adopt a card style layout. Certain social media sites and online apparel boutiques made this website design popular. Now, other companies and sites are quickly picking it up, as even professional organizations such as charities and accounting companies are adopting this user-friendly design. A card layout is also helpful to the business because it allows a lot of information and interactive elements to be displayed in a smaller amount of space.

The Need to Scroll

Card layouts play into another popular trend in web design, the ability to scroll. Card layouts and other sectioned web layouts encourage visitors to scroll through the entire page to see each image or block content. This is very different from above-the-fold designs, in which users select from a menu or list at the top of the page. However, websites that are made for scrolling are easily adapted to mobile devices and mobile users, which are driving so much of web design today.

 5 Tips for Better Business Writing

Business Writing

The business content writers job is fundamentally based on his knowledge of the subject on which he writes and how artfully he presents it. The truly professional business content writer will always take extra care to avoid misspellings, redundant and/or misused words as also factual inaccuracies. No matter what, there is always room for ample improvement in your writing skills and the following 5 tips will help you achieve that when handling business content writing jobs.

Business Writing

  1. Knowing Your Audience is Mandatory:

It is imperative that as a business content writer, you should first know who you are addressing. That is, who is at the receiving end and what is it that they expect from you. Should you fail to understand this first, you will end up writing inappropriate, convoluted, poorly formatted and non-reader friendly communication. Knowing firsthand what you are writing for actually gives you direction. Most business content writing jobs comprise business reports based on specific formats; intra-office emails that should be informal and short; and customer emails or PowerPoint presentations that are based strictly on clarity, courtesy  and conciseness. Therefore, your audience becomes your compass and you have to play to his gallery.

B.      Style & Content Are The Pillars Of Communication:

Successful business content writers use the simplest language that is reader-friendly. They avoid adjectives, use active voice usually while also stressing upon shorter sentences. The basic aim of the business content writers job is to throw his point across effortlessly and quickly within the shortest possible time. Their communication is comprehensible, direct and efficient. Conciseness and succinctness can be achieved when you stick to the subject matter, avoid ambiguity, focus strictly on the facts, avoid verbiage, clearly separate viewpoints from facts and serve the purpose of the communication procedure effectively.

C.      Format What You Communicate

An essential part of a business content writers job is to properly format his work to enhance efficiency. The use of bullets, sub-headings, numbers, italics, bold, colors, charts and graphics help the reader to scan and skim the document with ease. However, overdoing it may result in distracting the reader and disturbing his focus.

D.      Revise & Proofread Ruthlessly

In order to be a truly professional business content writer, you have to be your most severe critic. That’s why you need to edit and review your write-up multiple times till you are satisfied with your work. This requires thorough proofreading for grammatical, syntactical & typographical errors in order to ensure ease of readability and to avoid embarrassing errors. Online spellchecking helps avoid misspelled words and even grammatical errors.

E.       What Does Your Reader Expect?

You have to constantly bear this in mind as your word choice, viewpoints, sentence structure and expressions speak volumes of your perspective and attitude. When you actually embrace the reader’s perspective, you will most likely elicit the most positive responses. The reader too, partakes in your exercise. It motivates him and convinces him of your trustworthiness.

4 Hottest Digital Marketing Jobs in 2016

4 Hottest Digital Marketing Jobs in 2016

If you’re inclined towards technical career and you like to always plug in, then you should opt for a digital marketing profession. Some digital marketing jobs offer great salaries and the work also seems to be challenging. The good thing is, any digital marketing job would keep you motivated and you’ll never get bored with it too.4 Hottest Digital Marketing Jobs in 2016

Here is an analysis of different digital marketing professions, just in case you decided to change your career path, or perhaps need evidence to kick-start your career in online advertising, SEO or search marketing. You can find detailed information about each profession in thistraining manual.

Digital Marketing Jobs

Below are some jobs that exist now within this field. Understand that within this field, you could work at a marketing agency or in-house at a company or non-profit organization.

There are some good companies that offer great learning opportunities as well as attractive salary packages. For example, Webryze SEO Company Torontois a great place to learn and try new things in the field.

And pay varies based on how long you’ve been working, your geographic region, and many other factors.

Now let’s jump

SEO Analyst

SEO analysts must have analytical skills. They like puzzles and have the ability to adapt to the changes in search industry. Knowledge and information needs to be updated from time to time, because of the changes in search algorithms, introduction of new tools and other factors.

An SEO analyst ensures that the website is search-engine friendly. It means there are no issues preventing it from being crawled and indexed by search engines. This person also optimizes the website to get more web traffic by engaging in technical and marketing activities. SEO is a never-ending process, which makes it fun and challenging.

Salary data: The latest salary survey shows that the average salary of their search marketer membership is just shy of $80,000.

 Content Writer

If you like to write with creativity and want to get paid for your words, content marketing field is an ideal field for you. Not only does this job is best to fulfill your desires of writing, it gives you an opportunity to learn new things on the web and around your interest. With time, you keep updating yourself and learn new ways of creating engaging content.

A content writer is the person who develops text for the website that is relevant and interesting, ultimately attracting more traffic and causing web visitors to take action — whether that means buying a product or learning more about the company.

It is also the content writer who creates content that supports keywords and the overall themes of the website. The content writer will often write copy for home pages and landing pages, as well as blog posts.

Salary data: Content writers who specialize in public relations, advertising and other related services are being paid $77,450 a year on average.

Social Media Marketer

One, who is friendly, has a good marketing sense, understands different social media platforms, and likes to create content through unique ways, is an ideal candidate for social media marketer.

Social media marketers are responsible for maintaining a brand’s presence and building visibility and customer relationships within the social channels. This encompasses many different activities, ranging from creating social media business profiles to developing posts, from engaging with customers to building relationships with influences.

Salary data: The average salary of a social media marketer can range between $46,000 and $107,000 on average.

SEM Analyst

If you like to monitor performance, can analyze the data and use it to your advantage, you can be a good search engine marketing analyst. There is a lot of monitoring and reporting involved, so it is a good choice for someone who likes digging into data.

  • An SEM analyst is the person who manages the paid online advertising efforts of a business.
  • An SEM analyst creates ads for pay-per-click platforms, including search and social media, and other online ad campaigns, such as display. Not only does the analyst get to create or direct the creation of ads, but he or she also manages the bids for those ads and reports on the performance of campaigns.
  • An SEM analyst is also highly creative, as the best online ads require a deep understanding of what will get the target market’s attention in unique and emotionally resonant ways.

This is a great job for someone who is analytical because they’ll be looking at average bids, cost per click and other numbers every day

Salary data: The average annual salary of an SEM analyst at $50,000.


Good thing about all these profession is, you can start from any point. There is no hard and fast rule for qualification; you only need to understand what is demanded of you.